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Mosgiel West Community Pool

The Mosgiel West Community Pool was set up some ten years ago when the old Mosgiel West School pool was abandoned.
The pool is located on Argyle Street across the road from the entrance to Elmgrove School. The pool is open from October to April each year and is available for use between 9am and 8pm daily. The pool is used by families who have purchased a key for the season and swim schools who use it to teach preschool and primary school children to swim. Keys cost $70 for a season and are available from the Elmgrove School office between October and March.
The pool which is totally enclosed has a depth of less than a meter which makes it very attractive to preschool and primary school children who are our target audience.
We keep the pool tidy and we attempt to keep a water temperature of 30 degrees, which is important as it makes it more comfortable for the kids, especially on cooler days.
We would like to acknowledge the support of the Bendigo Valley Foundation for its contributions towards the upkeep and running of the pool & The Dunedin City Council who recently funded the much needed painting of the pool.
Please see below Swimming pool timetable. (Pool is unavailable for Key holder use during these times)
Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 2.43.23 PM.png
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