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General School Description 

The school has a roll of approximately 320 children in 14 teaching spaces.  These have been divided into 7 collaborative spaces called hubs with two teachers and a teacher aide in each hub.  This approach ensures greater access to teachers  and greater consistency of lessons and relationships.  I will be happy to share with you more about the benefits of this approach during your visit to the school.

As reflected in our Charter our focus for learning is that  children will become socially co-operative, problem solvers,  who are information literate and capable communicators. We aim to develop in our students the skills to manage themselves and their learning. 

The School Values of Caring, Perseverance, Respect and Responsibility are taught in classrooms and reinforced in the playground where children earn Tumeke Cards.

We believe this value focus along with other positive behaviour for learning strategies contribute to the positive culture and success of our students. 

Elmgrove is an Enviroschool with focuses on health promotion and sustainable living.

ICT is a strength of the school and a wide variety of Technological tools are available in classrooms to assist students with their learning.  

Programmes are operating to cater for different learning needs and to extend and enrich pupils with special abilities.

The staff consists of a Principal, 16 teaching staff, 7 Teacher Aides, a Financial Secretary, Office Manager and a Caretaker.

Our staff have been involved in a wide range of professional development and Ministry initiatives, which strengthens their ability to cater to the individual needs of our students. 

Our philosophy is to ensure that each child works at a level where he/she can experience success and build confidence in their learning.

We aim to build resilience, independence and a love of  learning so that all children can reach their potential.


ERO Reports 

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