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Beginning School at Elmgrove 

We welcome your enquiries about starting school at Elmgrove.  

Whether you have a child turning 5 and beginning their schooling journey or you are transferring from another school somewhere in New Zealand, we are happy to discuss with you the benefits and opportunities Elmgrove has to offer.

For children turning 5


We encourage all pupils to take part in ‘Transition to School’ visits. The School offers both Elmgrover's and a shorter classroom visit programme.  Elmgrover's is a familiarisation to school programme.  Children are encouraged to attend in the term before they start school. This is very interactive and helps children get to know what school is about and become familiar with the other children and teachers they will work with when they start school. There is further information about this programme in our full information pack and the school booklets below.    The School also provides class visits which are held in the classroom children will be placed in when they start.  Children learn about the school day and work with the other children who will be in their class when they start.  Please ask us about both of these options for your child.

Please have a read of the attached booklets and make contact with the school for further information.  I encourage parents to be informed and enrol early so that we can plan the best possible transition to school for your child.

If you are interested in visiting the school or finding out more about the programmes we offer, please make contact with the school office and book a time to visit, have a tour and get your questions answered.  

Elmgrove school is zoned, Further information on our approved zone is available via the link below. 

Enrolment zone information and map


Chris McKinlay



Click below to download the School information brochures and booklets.

General School information booklet

Beginning School at Elmgrove

Elmgrovers transition to School programme

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