Sports Teams & Information

Sports Code of Conduct

  1. Support in a way that enables all children to have fun, improve their skills and feel good.

  2. Abide by the Laws of the Game and instructions of the umpires.

  3. Never argue with umpires decisions. They are Volunteers.

  4. Control your temper and use your energies for better supporting your child and their team.

  5. Be a good sport. Recognise all good play, whether by your child’s team or by the opposing team.

  6. Treat all players and parents, as you yourself would like to be treated.

  7. Do not interfere with, or bully any player, referee, parent or coach.

  8. Learn the Laws of the Game so you can be a better supporter.

Sports available at Elmgrove


Teams are dependent on the number of children interested in playing and availability of coaches.

Summer Sports


Flipperball is played in Term's 1 & 4 and is available for children in yrs 3-6.

games are played on Sundays at Moana pool.

Years 3 & 4 are in the Learners pool, Years 5 & 6 are in the Main Pool.

Flipperball Draw



Touch is available for all children in yrs 0-6 on Monday afternoons.

Children can chose to play in either development or elite grades to suit their ability.

Taieri Junior Touch is run by the Otago Touch Association and runs from early September to the end of December during term 4.

In term 1 tournament days for each year level are played.

Taieri Plans Touch Draw 


Superstar Cricket is available for yr 3 and 4 children. It is played at Brooklands Park in Mosgiel on Tuesday afternoons.

Teams are made up of eight players and games are 1hr in duration with each player bowling 12 balls and batting for 12 balls.

T-Ball and Peanut League

T-Ball is available for children in yrs 0-6.

Peanut League is for more advanced players in yrs 4-6.

T-ball and Peanut league are run by the Otago Softball Association at Bathgate Park in South Dunedin at various times on Saturday mornings during terms 1 and 4.

Winter Sports


Netball is played during terms 2 and 3 at Taieri College.

Fun ferns is available for years 0-2 in the indoor training centre at Taieri College.

Future Ferns netball is played in a 5 aside format for years 3 and 4 in the late morning to early afternoon at Taieri College.

Year 5 and 6 netball is played in three sections A,B and C in the morning at Taieri College.

All games are played on Saturday mornings.

Please see draw here Taieri Plains Junior Netball 



Miniball is available for years 3, 4, 5 and 6 children and is played in the stadium at Memorial Park.

The year 3 competition is played on a Wednesday afternoon.

The year 4 competition is played on Monday afternoons.

The year 5 and 6 competition is played on Tuesday afternoons.

There is occasionally some yr3 games played on a Monday depending on the number of entries.

Miniball runs through term 2 and 3.

Please see draw here Taieri Miniball Sporty Page 



Fun Sticks and Kiwi Sticks hockey is played on Saturday mornings at Brooklands Park in Mosgiel.

Fun Sticks is for Year 0-3 children and has a skill based focus.

Kiwi Sticks is played in mixed teams of year 4-6 children.

Hockey runs through terms 2 and 3.



Taieri Schools Sports Association

The Taieri Schools Sports Association is made up by Elmgrove, Silverstream and East Taieri Schools.

Children in years 4-6 are given the opportunity to compete in a variety of events in sports they might not usually participate in and for some the chance to attend Otago Primary School Championship events.


The TSSA meets for the following events:



In term 4 children who meet qualifying standards at school will participate in the TSSA athletic champs at Memorial Park in October.



Is run on alternate years with duathlon in term 2.

In orienteering year 4 children compete at Ross Creek in a time challenge event.

Year 5 and 6 children also compete in a time challenge event at the Dunedin Botannical Gardens.



Duathlon is run on alternate years with orienteering in term 2. Children will compete at Peter Johnston park in a bike and run event.

Cross Country

Cross country is held in term 3 at Peter Johnstone Park.

Year 4 children compete in a 1500m event.

Year 5 and 6 children compete in a 2km event.



Swimming champs are held in term 1 for those children who can swim two lengths of the Mosgiel pool without stopping and can meet a qualifying standard.