Mondays Year 4’s – First game at 3.30 with last game finishing by 6.00 pm

Tuesday Year 5 & 6 – 3 sections – First game 3.30 with last game finishing by 7.00pm.

- Please note two games in this division are to be played on the Monday,  every Tuesday team will have at least two games on a Monday – Please check draw carefully.

Wednesdays Year 3’s -  3.30pm – 6.00 pm



Registration fees will need to be paid by May 14th to ensure your child can play this season.If you require assistance with paying your fee, please see the office to make payment arrangements.

Fees for this year are $25 per child

PLAYING UNIFORM:  Each player will be provided with a top - these are what is to be worn. Reminder mouth guards compulsory. 

Chris Langley
Miniball Co-Ordinaror