Term 1 2022

Otago Touch are wanting to introduce a touch module again in Term 1. This has not been possible for the past few years due to ground constraints. To help make this process easier it would be great if we could get teams organised for this prior to the end of year break.

Details  are below

Registrations Close:  Thursday 10th February or when teams are full


Module Starts:            Monday 14th February.

Exclusion Dates:          Monday 21st March – Otago Anniversary

Finals Day:                Monday 28th March – unless the DCC allow us to go into April  (subject to Rugby needs)


Competition weeks:  minimum 6 weeks – maximum 8 weeks


Teams - Will be a maximum of  8 players per team) 
Fees -  $10 per player


To register please enter your child's details below ( Remember it will be their year level in 2022)


Teams will only be entered if there is an adult to manage each team as this is a requirement of registering teams.

The grades for 2022 are as follows:

Year 1-2 Boys ( Girls can play in this Grade)

Year 1-2 Girls  Played at 3.30pm. (Females only)

Year 3-4 Boys  - Played at 3.30pm. (Females can play in this grade)

Year 3-4 Girls Grade - Played at 4pm. (Females only)

Year 5-6 Boys - Played at 4pm. (Females can play in this grade)

Year 5-6 Girls Grade - Played at 4.30pm. (Females only)

Depending on entry numbers grade times may change due to limited number of fields.

If you have any questions please contact me either in person or by e-mail.

Kind Regards
Chris Langley
Kauri Hub

Chris Langley
Touch Co-Ordinaror